A portuguese company, a member of a multinational leader in its market segment, which operates worldwide, with experience of over 20 years in developing management and operation of hotels in a dynamic, innovative and focused on "targets" well delineated. Allied to this, has a range of professionals in areas such as management, human resources and marketing among others. It also developing in hotel management consultancy, particularly to focus on strategies for the seasonality of the hotel segment.

Viaggiattore Group Data Protection Policy

The companies of the Viaggiattore Portugal Group, namely: Viaggiattore - Companhia de Lazer e Turismo, Lda .; Circlefast Hotels, Ltd.; Santmore - Sociedade de Gestão Turística, Lda .; and Vertical List - Marketing and Communication, Lda .; here comes the definition of the joint data protection policy, in relation to the provisions of Law 83/2017 of August 18.

The personal or collective data we collect is used to obtain hotel reservations, obtain special conditions, information of campaigns and advantages to our clients and for the processing of contracts, mandatory records to SEF, Finance, INE and others, as well as such as the processing of our clients' charges and payments to hotels and other partners necessary for the execution of the contracts signed.

As of May 25, 2018, new contracts, reservations or any requests involving personal or collective data, will be conditioned to the prior authorization for its processing and storage, authorization that can be altered or revoked at any time, and can obviously reflect in the contract or service that originated it.

The data are stored in a secure network, protected by encryption and certified procedures, with conditioned access to the employees credited by the Viaggiattore Group, under its entire responsibility, and a responsible person has been appointed. It is guaranteed the confidentiality and security of the data collected, as well as access to them by their owners, modification or elimination of them, whenever requested, by letter or email, the care of the data protection officer of the Viaggiattore Group.